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Learn how patients who maintain their regular maintenance cleanings can be eligible to receive one complimentary tube of bleach* at that visit and continue to receive complimentary tubes for a lifetime!!  It's simple to qualify.  

Please read below and learn one of the many ways we can help you keep a bright smile for life* for little or no cost!

Professional whitening systems are not the same as the white strips purchased over the counter, in a tanning bed or spa.  Store bought systems are approved for removing surface stains; however, they do not have the same amount of active ingredient (hydrogen peroxide) and often lack desensitizing medication.  They take considerably longer to whiten your teeth, if they even do, and may never produce the same results as a professional system because of the materials inability to reach deeply inside the dentin stain.  They do not come with a professional dentist who monitors your gums and who knows your medical history.   Read the labels clearly.  Often the packets say "the same active ingredient dentist use", but they do not have the same "concentration" of that active ingredient.  The higher concentrations can only be supplied by a dental professional.  Our Professional whitening system comes complete with custom made trays that fit to your teeth to reduce "spill-over" of the gel, preventing it from irritating the gum tissue.  It also comes with bleaching evaluations during the treatment course, professional training and monitoring, shade comparisons, before and after photos, different levels of concentration to accommodate a variety of sensitivity concerns, day or night bleaching options, follow-up evaluations during treatment and then automatically enters you in our Bright for Life Program making purchasers able to receive Touch-up gel tubes for FREEYou won't find that offer in any store bought system!!  We offer a full line of options for patients who would like a brighter smile designed to fit even a tight budget.  Contact us to schedule a consultation to see if a professional whitening system can help you achieve your goals.  Whitening is a great way to improve your self esteem and look "brighter" throughout the day.  As with any whitening system, results can not be guaranteed and the shade changes can not be properly estimated as each patients ability to whiten vary based on the darkness of their teeth as well as their consumption of tea, coffee, wines and staining foods.  Crowns, bridges, implants, onlays, inlays, veneers and composite restorations will not whiten with bleaching treatment and on some occasions may need to be replaced after whitening is complete.  Inform your dentist if you are considering bleaching so he/she can evaluate your treatment plan to see if the bleaching may begin before any needed restorations. 





Bright for Life*:

Purchased a bleaching system before and lost results?  Had a great whitening system that faded from coffee or tea stains and had to retreat?  We can help you maintain that bright smile for the life of your treatment at our office.  Whether you purchased the system previously in our office, received it complimentary for patient referrals, as a gift, in a drawing, or won it at a non-profit organizational fundraiser event - you are automatically entered and eligible for Bright for Life at our office.  Even new bleaching purchases are entered!!  Every time your visit for your semi annual check up at your hygiene maintenance appointment you receive a free bleaching gel syringe to whiten up and maintain your smile (maximum twice a year) (Reg $40 value).  Additionally, you may purchase an additional syringe during that appointment for 50% off the regular fee (Reg $20-$40).    Simply maintain your regular appointment schedule, schedule your next appointment in our office and keep that appointment and you receive the tube!  That's all there is to it.  See complete details below* for more specifications. 

Remember:  Patients at our office, whom maintain at least their six month cleaning maintenance schedule are automatically qualified for a COMPLIMENTARY tube of bleaching gel during that appointment if you book your next cleaning appointment during that visit.  to receive your next COMPLIMENTARY tube just keep the next cleaning checkup appointment on that original day.  The bleaching discount is only valid for one tube on the day of your cleaning checkup.  Bleaching syringes are regular price during the year except the day of your check up.    See complete details below*. 

Teeth Whitening:   (get $100 OFF any take-home bleaching system by printing this voucher from this page)

This professional at-home whitening system delivers you an affordable, professional, gentle whitening system which can be accomplished at the comfort of your own home.  It comes  with a courtesy bleaching consultation, custom fit trays, six full-mouth treatments of whitening gel (three - 2 application tubes), shade comparisons, professional training, before and after photos, variable concentration mixes designed to fit your comfort label, day or night whitening options, a complete monitoring and evaluation of the process as well as any required follow up monitoring to help make your treatment a success.  Additionally, every purchase automatically qualifies you for our Bright for Life Program at no additional cost. 


Need or want more?  We got you covered!  We offer a larger teeth whitening system with 18 full mouth treatments (six - three application tubes) with the same treatment above and the same auto enrollment in our Bright for Life Program.



Free Professional Whitening System (value $499) for Patient referrals:

Patients who refer 5 new patients to our office receive a free whitening system with 18 applications of bleach (6 super large syringes) and a custom made tray.  Patients which you referred to the practice must be new to the office and over age 18, complete a new patient exam with 4 bitewing digital images, and complete their first dental cleaning with the practice for eligibility to begin.  

1-hour Instant in office Professional Zoom (get $100 off the regular fee by printing the voucher from this page)

Zoom in-office professional whitening system offers patients a chance to optimize their whitening results in an hour.  This system delivers the fastest and whitest results of all the bleaching techniques.  We custom make a barrier to protect your gum tissue so we can deliver a higher concentration of bleaching gel and we use a NEWLY DESIGNED LED LIGHT SYSTEM to maximize the results.  It comes with different concentration levels of bleach which can be adjusted to your comfort level as well as three different levels of LED lighting.  Meaning, we have the ability to custom adjust your treatment 9 times during treatment!!   It also comes with desensitizing material used before and after your appointment to maximum comfort and decrease sensitivity experienced in older Zoom Bleaching Model equipment.  Patients who purchase this system also receive a free tube of basic whitening gel when they come and keep their regular scheduled 6 month dental cleanings by entering them automatically in our Bright for Life program.

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