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Wernick Family Dentistry offers an internal pre-paid dental card discount plan that allows patients to receive the quality treatment they deserve without purchasing a policy they can barely afford.  Unlike current policies, it does not have a deductible, waiting period, frequency limitation, number of allowed x-rays, maximum benefit limit, downgraded or alternate treatment policy, missing tooth clause, or a continuing stream of red tape and denials.  It covers 100% of two cleanings and exams a year, unlimited digital x-ray images and 20% off every surgical, restorative and emergency procedure*.  See below for details.

Changes in medical over the past few years have placed heavy, out of cost expenses on patients and providers.  As dental providers, our goals are to provide quality treatment at a reasonable fee to our patients.  Changes in recent laws have caused huge fluctuations in dental plans, patient medical insurances, co-payments, and provider fee reimbursements.  Though we are constantly reviewing our in-network agreements with insurance companies, we cannot agree to contracts with insurance companies that demand that they control your care, limit fair and reasonable fees paid to providers, jeopardize the quality of care you deserve, or create costly expenses with improperly denied claims or difficulty in managing patient reimbursement.

One of the two major changes we are seeing at our office is the lack of continued dental plans from employers or a greatly reduced provider reimbursement for insured patients.  With this, many patients are now found without dental insurance or with plans that the restrictions prevent them from receiving the treatment they deserve.  What good is it to have an insurance plan that will cover an extraction, but not for a restoration to save the tooth?  Often your care is dictated by an insurance company and the representative is NOT a licensed dental provider nor is not licensed to make any determination of your care.  The insurance company will attempt to steer you to an in-network provider to save "you" money, but it actually saves them money because it refers you to a provider that has agreed to a lesser fee reimbursement - allowing the insurance company to keep the premiums you pay for your own care.   With our plan, 100% of your premiums go to your treatment care!!  What you are often not told is that even if you have a small amount of a copay ($5 for a cleaning); that the insurance company now has to reimburse the practice it's proper fee charges - which allows our practice the opportunity to schedule adults for one hour with a hygienist at your checkup appointments.  That $5 copay has a lot larger impact on your care than you may be aware.  It may be a huge determination in the quality of care you receive, the type of labs or materials chosen for restorations,  and the length allotted for your cleaning appointments (we STILL provide 1 hour for all patients over age 12). 

In lieu of restrictions placed on insurance companies and from being forced to provide care we do not feel is always best for your care, as well as saving you money with a different type of dental plan, we offer our own dental insurance plan for new and existing patients.  Simply print the provided sheet, enclose the payment and mail it to our office or drop by.  We will contact you and schedule new patients for a in-depth office visit that includes needed x-rays, two semi annual cleaning appointments, and 10% off restorative treatment. 

Please do not hesitate to call our office for details.

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Dental Card for ADULT patients of record ($295 a year)

Purchased individually the cost would be over $600

  • Two complete prophylaxis continuing care cleanings - ($194 value)
  • Two Fluoride Therapy Applications at cleaning - ($82 value)
  • Two Cancer screening and full mouth examinations at cleaning - ($110 value)
  • Bitewing Digital Images once a year - ($72 value)
  • All images as requested by the dentist for medical necessity treatment performed in the office - including any necessary Panorex digital images or PA's - ($150-$200 value)
  • 20% Discount on all other preventative treatment needed - (such as Root Planning and Scaling, Periodontal Maintenance, full mouth debridement and Quads) -  (up to a $200 in additional savings)

*Our dental plan is only available for use at our or direct location, for non-dental insured patients, and can not be used in conjunction with other offers or dental insurance plans.  See contract for full details on coverage.

Call 427-2212 for details or questions about this plan.

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