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Implant-Supported Dentures in Virginia Beach

If you are wearing dentures to replace missing teeth in your smile, this treatment could be negatively impacting your oral health. At Wernick Family Dentistry, we understand the necessity of tooth roots to support and strengthen jaw bone density, which is why we offer implant-supported dentures at our Virginia Beach practice. This treatment is an alternative for patients who are wearing ill-fitting dentures. Implant dentistry solutions are innovative, effective, and can restore the appearance and health of your smile. 

Implants in Virginia Beach

What are Implant-Supported Dentures?

Also known as hybrid, these stabilized dentures utilize implants as the support for prosthetics. Within the first year of tooth loss, crucial jaw bone is also lost, resulting in facial changes and bone resorption. Dental implants, however, are made out of biocompatible titanium for bone integration and strengthening tissue. At our Virginia Beach dental practice we provide screw-retained, implant-supported dentures to stabilize your replacement teeth.

Implant-supported dentures allow edentulous patients to enjoy a restored smile without the use of adhesives to keep their prosthetics in place. Patients enjoy renewed, comfortable daily movements such as chewing and talking, and the confidence in knowing that your denture won’t prevent you from eating foods you weren’t allowed to eat before.

Screw-Retained Implant Dentures in Virginia Beach

Dr. Wernick utilizes the highest quality of materials to create dentures that are long-lasting and natural looking. Our fixed dentures utilize a screw mount system that increases stimulus when you bite, allowing patients to keep their jaw structure healthier throughout their lifetime. A fixed implant solution for our edentulous patients, the overdenture, like regular dentures, will need to be adjusted throughout use and wear. However, adding dental implants to secure the prostheses allows for not only better aesthetics, but continued comfort and daily function.

Implant placement and restoration is completed in our office. The process begins with a comprehensive consultation regarding your oral health and treatment options that solve specific dental issues before implant surgery. Once the placement of dental implants is complete, and your jaw is fully healed, we move forward to place the final custom denture. These dentures are affixed, and continued daily oral care is done at home. Your dentures are only removed for cleaning and professional maintenance by our Virginia Beach dentist.

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Our Virginia Beach implant dentist and knowledgeable staff provide innovative dental implant solutions. Wernick Family Dentistry serves current denture patients and first-time patients looking for implant-supported dentures for better comfort and function. For more information about our implant-supported denture services, contact our dental practice to schedule an appointment today! 

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