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Learn More About Wernick Family Dentistry in Virginia Beach

Dr. Robert D. Wernick, D.D.S., P.C., is proud to offer his over 30 years of dental experience to the Virginia Beach community. With his practice having crested its 30 year anniversary, he welcomes every patient with several flexible payment options. Here’s a look at how he brings a smile to his patients:

Technology for Prevention

Dr. Wernick is as capable to address future dental issues with preventive measures as he is to correct current dental emergencies. With the Virginia Beach practice’s Logicon Caries Detector software the staff can see problem areas before they break through the outer tooth enamel. When digital x-rays are coupled with the software, the newly forming cavity can be easily identified and treated before it has a chance to damage the tooth! Every dental x-ray taken gets analyzed by the system.

Training to Treat

At their Sandbridge Road location, Dr. Wernick’s team is fully prepared to treat any dental issue that crosses their threshold including a need for tooth replacement with simple fillings to implant restorations, family dental treatments and gentle extractions. The staff understands that the field of dentistry is constantly moving forward and they take a day to train each season to stay at the forefront. That level of training in dental care alone offers their patients the best care available, but the staff takes it even further as they have hospital-level training in CPR, as well as AED operations to be prepared for the unexpected. The standards for cross contamination prevention as well as sterilization as recommended by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), as well as the American Dental Association (ADA) are strictly maintained. 

High Standards, American Made

Wernick Family Dentistry guarantees their patients an unrivaled experience to meet even the highest standards for dental care.  The standards that the staff at our office hold themselves to goes far beyond just an oral fixation – when you walk in the office patients will feel at home in our relaxing atmosphere with the smell of a fresh pot of coffee in the air!  Every facet of their practice is specifically tailored to provide the best dental experience, with small additions that make a big difference like cable T.V. and FREE guest Wifi.  Patients can also have full confidence that the equipment used is the best quality available and made in the U.S.

Gentle Dental Care

In addition to the homey feel of their office, Wernick Family Dentistry also strives to make the visit as gentle as possible.  With a large number of dental phobias coming from injections, the staff has sought out the keys to making them go by almost unnoticed! They have found that the simple act of warming the anesthesia in the syringe does wonders to reduce the shock of injection that comes from the temperature, as well as massaging the area to encourage the body to absorb it faster.

Dental extractions have been revolutionized as well. Dr. Wernick has invested over $25,000 in instruments and training to ensure his patients feel as little as possible with the Ogram non-invasive extraction system. With this patented twisting method, patients are shocked at how simple and seamlessly the procedure flows.

Taking the Stress Out of Dentistry

When Dr. Wernick was a young boy he was afraid of dentist.  Today, he makes every effort to provide a positive experience for his patients so they have no reason to be anything other than excited about dental visits. The experience he provides is so positive that patients have come from as far as China and Hawaii because they don’t want another dentist!  With the experience of his staff and the quality of his modern equipment, he can give every patient a reason to smile!

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