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CEREC Same Day Dentistry from Virginia Beach Dentist

Wernick Family Dentistry utilizes CEREC technology in order to offer our patients some prosthetics treatment in one day.  The CEREC is a state of the art, nationally recognized system for in-office custom lab making for patients who need crowns, bridges, veneers, onlays, and inlays.  This technology not only allows us to custom shade and match glass ceramics on posterior and anterior teeth, it also allows patients to have their treatment started and finished in the same day eliminating the need to take multiple days of work for the same procedure.

Patients will have the opportunity to see their own restorations designed and created in our office.  Crowns can be designed and delivered in as little as two hours.  In addition, there are no messy impressions to take which provides a better overall experience for patients who have a gag reflex.  Best of all, there is no reason for a return visit with the same day cementation of the prosthetic fabricated right here in our office.

Call today to schedule an appointment or get a free consultation to see how CEREC can work for you.

Phone#: 757-427-2212