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Cosmetic Crowns & Bridges in Virginia Beach

One of the biggest dangers of tooth decay is that it weakens the structure of teeth, and eventually the tooth can become too weak to survive even with a filling. An effective corrective option is to place a crown over the tooth, giving it a new lease on life. A crown can also serve as an anchor for a bridge in cases where there are gaps from missing teeth. At Wernick Family Dentistry, we diagnose dental problems and then determine if a crown or bridge is the best solution.

Unlike dentures, crowns and bridges are fixed in place and do not need to be taken out regularly for cleaning. Instead, they simply require the same basic dental hygiene as natural teeth, like regular brushing and flossing.


What is a Crown?

A crown (or cap) is designed to cover the entire surface of a damaged tooth. This provides extra strength to the tooth and improves its shape, alignment and appearance. Typically, a crown is made of porcelain or ceramic and matched to the color of surrounding teeth. However, it can also be made from gold or metal alloys to provide extra strength for back teeth.

A crown is a good solution in instances where there isn't enough tooth left for a filling, when the tooth has fractured, or to cover a misshapen or badly discolored tooth. Crowns are also used to cover teeth that have received root canal treatment.

Why is a Bridge Used?

A bridge is an option if there is a missing tooth. Bridges span the gap and are cemented on either end to the natural teeth or to implants. The danger of leaving a gap from missing teeth is that it can cause the remaining teeth to shift position or rotate into the empty space, which can create a bad bite. This imbalanced bite can cause numerous problems, from bite misalignment to early facial aging.

Teeth on either side of the gap, also known as abutments, serve as the anchors for a bridge. Porcelain and ceramic are good options because they can be shaped and colored to match the surrounding teeth. In fact, a good crown or bridge will fit in with a natural look and feel.

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