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Denture Solutions by Wernick Family Dentistry in Virginia Beach

Wernick Family Dentistry has established a reputation for high-quality denture care. We use our own custom lab and high-quality materials, so our dentures are natural-looking and durable. We never downgrade to cheaper materials because they have a tendency to break down. Our motto is, “If it doesn’t go in our mouth, it doesn’t go in our patients’ mouths.” 

Dentures are a common solution for replacing natural teeth and their surrounding tissue. They come in several different types, ranging from partials which replace only a few missing teeth to complete dentures that replace all teeth. There are some definite advantages to replacing teeth with dentures rather than leaving a mouthful of broken, decaying or missing teeth.


Benefits to well-fitting dentures

First, dentures help to prevent muscles in the face from sagging, an effect which can make people look older. Second, they allow people to speak and eat normally, something that many people take for granted until they lose their natural teeth. In fact, if you have been having trouble with your natural teeth for a while, you might already be struggling to eat the foods you enjoy. Third, and perhaps most significantly, dentures allow people to smile again with confidence and to feel great about their appearance. 

Dentures can make a dramatic impact on a person’s life, allowing people to continue to enjoy themselves. At Wernick Family Dentistry, we understand that proper fitting dentures are important to prevent movement that can produce irritating sores or drastic changes in gum health. 

Dental Implant Supported Dentures in Virginia Beach

At Wernick Family Dentistry, we offer the Screw-In Retention system as an additional procedure to enhance denture success. For a younger patient, it is especially important to preserve bone structure, especially if they like to eat hardier foods like meat. Without original tooth stimuli, bone will dissolve, and once it’s gone, there is no bringing it back. The Screw-In Retention system increases the stimuli when patients bite, so it helps patients maintain their jaw structure and bone mass.  The success rate of using dental implant supported dentures is determined during an evaluation. Treatment plans are always created on a case by case basis. Patient oral health is a priority to all our dental plans.

Annual evaluations will ensure that dentures continue to fit right, and good oral hygiene practices will help to maintain the quality of dentures. We want our patients to feel confident and comfortable about the way they look, so if you think you might be a candidate for dentures, contact us today.

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