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CEREC Same Day Dentistry in Virginia Beach

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When a tooth is affected by extensive decay or loss of clinical tooth structure, a crown is required to reinforce its structural integrity after the cavity is  removed. The traditional method of crown fabrication meant waiting at least two weeks until your tooth could be considered permanently healthy again. Wernick Family Dentistry offers a different option to help you have a healthier smile, faster.

Wernick Family Dentistry provides CEREC same-day dental crowns to our patients. 

Crowns in One Appointment

The CEREC system enables a patient to receive their crowns within the same appointment that the decay is removed, and the crown is fabricated. Once our doctors have removed the carious material, leaving only clinically strong tooth structure, our staff is able to use CEREC scan technology to create a digital model from which the crown is created, rather than those unpleasant impressions with the goopy mouthful of material. Our staff places a block of porcelain in the milling machine and the computer crafts the crown using the information gathered during the digital scan. Patients typically experience a 45-minute window of downtime while the crown is milling, in which they may choose to relax in our comfortable waiting room watching T.V., working on one of the patient's devices using our guest WIFI, or relaxing back in the patient chair with their feet up.

Quality of Porcelain

As convenient as CEREC is, Dr. Wernick also trusts in its ability to pragmatically improve his patient’s smiles. Not only are the crowns made by this milling system fast and convenient, but the quality of this glass-ceramic also makes these crowns effective in restoring the structural integrity of your teeth.

Dental grade porcelain is a durable, body-safe material that can benefit most patients. While there are conditions that may require the use of metallic restorations, a ceramic crown can help a tooth survive for as long as effective dental hygiene routines are followed.

There are also cosmetic benefits to using porcelain crowns. The color, translucency, and physical texture of this material closely mimics the appearance of natural tooth enamel, so most people who see your restored smile will not ever notice that your newly restored tooth hosts a prosthetic. Your smile is made healthier and more attractive and natural when you receive a CEREC porcelain crown instead of a crown made of metal.

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Wernick Family Dentistry offers CEREC crowns to Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities. We help our patients look and feel their best while rebuilding their health after tooth decay, and we do so within one convenient appointment. For more information about our restorative dental options, call our practice and schedule your next dental appointment today. 

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